Customer Testimonials – Hear from our Clients


It has been a real pleasure to work with you and your crew. The pool, the patio ceiling, landscaping, bathroom, and deck…hope I didn’t leave anything out…has far exceeded our hopes and expectations. From our seat, this looked like a huge task and you proved to us that it could be completed quickly, efficiently, and beautifully. Thank you to you and your entire team for giving us such an amazing addition to our backyard for our family and friends to enjoy for many years.

    Lastly, Glenn you did an excellent job in building the confidence in us to design, hire, and execute the pool build. Well done……

Warmest regards,

Tom & Brenda Hicks 
(extremely happy customers) 
use us for an outstanding reference anytime

We appreciate you and your team coming out and fixing up our mess of a project. We were so happy that you were even able to bump us up in the time line. I’ll never again mess with any other pool contractor.

Thanks again,

Matthew Dewhurst



Now that we are complete, I thought it appropriate to respond to your email.
Firstly, we want to say thank you for a job well done! Over-all the experience was amazing to me. As you know I have just enough construction sense to get me in trouble, but also enough to catch problems before they become BIG problems.
Most of the people we had conferred with while taking bids and discovering what we wanted, all told us construction time on JUST the pool would be anywhere from 10-12 weeks. The fact we were building such a large patio all the while adding on to our house, they had us convinced 12-15 weeks would be more in line. You guys were 98% complete at 7 weeks …… remarkable….

I too enjoyed your consistent line of BS, and it helped to make a very stressful and disruptive time a little easier to handle.

Mario and his crew were amazing. They were very polite, accommodating and professional people who both Kim and I enjoyed.
I will say the exact same about Palo and his crew. They were VERY cognizant of the fact that we were the ultimate customer and that they were in OUR backyard. Every time they thought there may be a better suggestion, or another way to do it – they didn’t hesitate to ask.

Most important to me is that Kim felt safe (as much as possible) – and they were very respectful to her.

In my business of selling a commercial commodity, customer service is paramount and in most cases, the only thing that separates us from the competition. More than Ice Machines, this is what I sell. I spend the majority of my time learning and studying this art, and then in-turn training companies and people to increase their level of customer service. If you would like feed-back on our experience, and I would be happy to do so. If not, just know we are happy with the work.

Thanks again Glenn, I feel that we are now friends and that we can call on each other if we can help.

Tony and Kim S.


Glenn is very gifted at creating an outdoor experience customized to your lifestyle and setting. A few of my clients have used his professional services. All have been more than happy with the outcome and follow-up service.

Lanie Evans
RE/MAX Realty Center
Cypress, TX 77429


We really wanted a swimming pool, but weren’t sure we had enough space in our yard. Glenn Kimberling, Expression Custom Pools, designed a plan for a pool that would not only fit, but look great too!

That was less than a month ago…..and we are already enjoying our new backyard oasis! Three weeks start to finish! Amazing! And no shortcuts taken. Glenn is just extremely organized and had the contractors coming and going so efficiently that the only down time we had was due to rain. This pool is absolutely gorgeous and top quality too!

Our decking is absolutely beautiful. Custom look for sure!

Glenn is a pleasure to deal with. This is our 3rd pool and we’ve never had such a smooth experience! He kept us informed of the projected schedule and he stopped by regularly to check on things. His contractors were very skilled and my husband and I enjoyed watching the progress unfold.

We are very pleased and HIGHLY recommend Glenn and his company!!

Cathy and Bill